Spitsbergen I Greenland I Iceland




This gallery shows impressions from no less than three great destinations in the Arctic. My last journey was an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten, which combined Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland in one expedition.


We`ve started this special cruise in the capital of Svalbard: Longyearbyen. Just 2000 citizens live here constantly, but it`s still the biggest town up here. Most of the people living here, work in science, mining or tourism. It always feels special to come here, since this place is really remote and you can`t leave the center without a gunned guide, due to the 3000 polar bears also living in Svalbard. 


Our first destination was the science base Ny-Ålesund. It is unpossible to get here as a regular tourist, since there are no public ways to get here. Just a few honored researchers, selected by the science institutions of their home countries, are allowed to live and to do research here, for a limited time. After leaving this interesting place, we`ve sailed on to the famous Magdalenefjord and anchored at Gravnesodden.


Two days of sailing from Svalbard (Norway), we came closer to our second destination: Greenland. We found ourselves between thousands of ice floes in different sizes. The seals on the ice, although excited, were also scared by the unusual interest of humans in this area. It is unpossible to explain the unforgettable feeling of sailing slowly through the icefloes. We didn`t see any other ship or humans for two days. Just ice, a lot of arctic birds and some seals. An almost untouched part of our planet. Just calm and beautiful.


A colorful sunset guided us towards Myggbukta (Mosquito bay) at the Northeast Greenland National Park, which is the world's largest national park and the largest protected natural area.


We spent five wonderful days in this almost untouched and beautiful part of Greenland. Some landings were not possible, due to too much and thick ice in the fjords, but we were able to do landings at Blomsterbukta, Ella Ø, Mestervig, Dombrava and Hecklahavn. Remarkable icebergs, impressive oddly shaped and colored mountains, the small hunting cabins and the colorful village of Ittoqqortoormiit with its lovely residents and their swift huskies - all highlights I will never forget.


After these wonderful days in the beautiful scenery, we sailed off to our final destination: Iceland. Luckely, we had a goodbye meeting with a lonely polar bear, just before leaving the coast of Greenland.


Stykkishólmur, situated in the western part of Iceland and in the northern part of Snæfellsnes peninsula, was our first port of call in our third destination: Iceland. This small town thrives from fishing mostly, but it also attracts a bit of tourism. From here, we explored the peninsula. We went to see a volcano, a volcanic beach and a famous cave. On our way back, Icelandic horses were riding along our bus for a short time, until we lost sight of them.


Our adventure ended in Reykjavik. The whole city was celebrating one of the biggest cultural events of the year, with performances, concerts and art exhibitions everywhere, for everyone to visit.


This stunning trip has left me with great memories :-) And looking back at these photos brings back a feeling of joy. Enjoy the impressions of my last expedition.


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Longyearbyen, Isfjorden








Magdalenefjord / Gravnesodden




Sörgattet and Smeerenburgfjorden




Greenland Sea and Myggbukta