Norway to Spitsbergen




Join me on the "Historic Sportsman`s Route" with MS Spitsbergen from the arctic town Tromsø in Norway, via the famous North Cape and the bird island "Bjørnøya" to Spitsbergens National Parks, the arctic science base Ny-Ålesund and Longyearbyen.


This June was probably the best June I`ve ever had. I got a chance to do an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten`s still new expedition vessel "MS Spitsbergen" to one of my favorite destinations in the Arctic. We`ve boarded our ship in Tromsø. The weather was changing every hour. We had sun, a few clouds, much clouds, rain and a beautiful rainbow, before we`ve left Tromsø northbound towards our first destination, Honningsvåg.


I`ve been to Honningsvåg very often, but mostly in winter. This was my first time in June, and it was totally different. I`ve never seen another passenger ships in port before. When I do my regular voyages with the Norwegian Coastal Exress in winter, this place is always calm and peaceful - often covered in snow. That was totally different in summer. There were three big cruiseships in port, when we`ve arrived. All of these ships were too big to dock at the pier. Our ship was able to dock at its own pier, far away from the noise. Busses were already waiting for us, to take us in three small groups to the most northern fishing village Skarsvåg and to the famous North Cape, which is located 33 km further north. My group went to the small fishing village first. We`ve passed a lot of reindeers and impressive landscapes on our way. The locals of the village were welcoming us with tasty waffles and hot beverages. Reindeers were watching us from the mountains and a local guide informed us about the hard life in this very remote and lonely part of our continent. He also thaught us a lot about the King Crab invasion, showed us aa big exemplar and explained us, how much the local fishermen benefit from this invasion. We`ve left the village, stuffed with waffles, and our bus driver brought us to the second highlight of the day: the North Cape. The weather conditions were good and we were able to enjoy great views from the high cliffs at the end of Norway. The wind picked up a little, when we came back on board and sailed out of the port. High waves were entertaining me until midnight, most of the passengers prefered to experience them in bed, though.


More information about the following destinations coming soon. Thank you for your patience.








Honningsvåg and Skarsvåg (Magerøya) 








Burgerbukta, Hornsund




Humpback Whales




Ingebrigstenbukta, Bamsebu












Woodfjorden / Monacobreen








Moffen, 80`North




Albert I Land, Magdalenefjorden




Gravnesodden, Magdalenefjorden








Isfjord, Grumant, Longyearbyen