ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi




It`s the world`s first ice hotel and it`s located far up North in Swedish Lapland. A truely wonderful place, where ice becomes art. Every room is a masterpiece of art itself. Most of these impressively designed suites sadly melt away each year, when the sun is getting stronger around April.


But since 2016, a few of them, are getting a chance to survive - until the winter is back in Lapland! This brand new innovation and newest part of ICEHOTEL is called ICEHOTEL 365. The midnight sun and solar power are making it possible, to keep this new part of the hotel open all year long. It`s a sustainable addition to the iconic ICEHOTEL, they still build every year.


I recommend to stay in a cold room for a night and to add a few nights in warm accomodation. Jukkasjärvi is also the perfect place for a lot of winter activities, which can be prebooked or booked at the hotels activity desk. My most favorite activities are dog-sledding and the ice sculpturing course.




New impressions from ICEHOTEL and ICEHOTEL 365 Season 2018/19



ICEHOTEL 365 (open all year)


Prior seasonal ICEHOTELs



ICEHOTEL surroundings