It`s called the most beautiful sea voyage on earth. And I totally agree with that! I did this voyage more than twenty times and I can`t wait to sail it again!


Hurtigruten is not a regular cruise. It is special, but in a really positive way! The "Norwegian Coastal Express" was established in 1893 as a ferry and cargo service, to support and connect the remote places along the Norwegian Coast. That`s why this route is often described as the lifeline of Norway. 


Eleven ships are constantly circeling the coastal route of 2300 km in each direction, between Bergen in the South and Kirkenes in the North. All ships stop at 34 ports in each direction. That`s one of the reasons, why Hurtigruten is much better than a regular cruise. You really get to experience the Norwegian Coast and all the beautiful places along it. The ships usually stay between 15 minutes and 6 hours in port, depending on the size of the city and the excursions offered there. These ships are also much smaller as cruise ships. That allows them to sail through really narrow fjords, like the famous Trollfjord, where a cruise ship would never fit it.


The food on board is absolutely fresh, delicious and healthy! Hurtigruten has started a concept called "Norwegian Coastal Kitchen" a few years ago. Since they have started this innovative service, the food is mostly made of fresh, local products from the ships destinations. That means a lot of fresh fish, salmon and reindeer!


The route is served all year long, which is possible, due to the warm water of the gulf stream. The voyage is really beautiful in every season. I personally prefer the winter and spring, because I love the Arctic nature, the snow, ice and Northern Lights. But every season has its own advantages. You can depart northbound or southbound from every port daily! Most of the guests start in Bergen or Kirkenes and do the one way or return voyage.


This gallery is a mix of impressions from several voyages I did with Hurtigruten. Most of them between October and March.


(Please note, that this gallery is not complete yet. Feel free to visit this gallery again. Thank you for your patience!)








Torvik, Ålesund, Urke, Molde, Kristiansund




Trondheim, Rørvik




Ørnes, Bodø, Stamsund, Svolvær, Trollfjord




Finnsnes, Tromsø, Skjervøy