Team up with arctic-photography.com to create great footage, showing the real beauty of your place or business. My goal is to make your buisness or place experienceable in words, pictures and videos or to create beautiful memories of special voyages or events. I never do assignments by the hour. I treat every assignment as a project. And I love to work closely with you as a team, not as just a contractor.


That`s why I prefert to treat every request as a project. We will talk about your goals first. For a holiday house in North Norway, it would make a lot of sense to take pictures of the house with some Northern Lights above. But it is unpossible to plan a clear sky or when the lights show up. In this case I would offer you to create your footage within a period of a few months or in a season. I am in Norway regulary, so I can be flexible and even spontaneously. This way of working also allows me to save my customers a lot of money. Sometimes I am able to combine jobs and save a lot of travel costs.


I always inform myself, before I accept a new project. If the project sounds interesting to me, I`ll get in touch with you and plan what it takes to merge your goals and wishes with my creative experience and ideas. I love the Arctic and I am very happy about new projects and places, that allow me to get a deeper look into this fascinating part of our planet. 


I can offer you the following services at a really fair price:


  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Basic Video editing
  • Journalistic work
  • Travel reports
  • Authentic Social Media Stories
  • Short Video Clips
  • Creating HQ photobooks of your place / business for customers or reseller
  • Creating merchandise products for your place / business
  • Creating websites
  • Creating Brochures


I also work as an tour / expedition planner, tour guide, expedition photographer and expedition leader. 



About me




Founder and owner of arctic-photography.com


My name is Chris, I was born on a small island between Germany and Denmark in 1982. Growing up on an idyllic island in the Baltic Sea, with just 10.000 residents, can teach you a lot about nature and admiring landscapes.


Nethertheless, it also made me crave for more. Every time, I got a chance to leave this island, I went travelling, often to nearby cities such as Hamburg, Copenhagen or Kiel. But my fascination for new adventures grew fast and is still getting stronger every year ;-)


I believe this is probably why I`ve started my career as a Travel Management Assistant. My path took me from being a personal assistant to a member of the German Parliament to becoming a lobbyist for global companies in the health care sector in Germany.


Photography became my second biggest passion after travelling over the years. Luckely, my career allows me to travel around the globe, work closely with wonderful people and it also enables me to keep myself up to date with the latest equipment and newest innovations, including  DSLR`s; lenses, drones, stabilizers, etc. .


Alongside my passion for taking pictures during my travels, my professional photography skills grew. Soon hotels, resorts, cruise- and tour operators asked me to create photos and videos for their marketing purposes. My pictures were also published in newspapers and travel magazines together with articles of my Arctic experiences.

Please feel free to get in touch with me, for more details or if you are interested in a collaboration.


I am looking forward to hear from you,






  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Experienced drone pilot since 2012
  • Short video clips
  • Social Media Stories
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Photobook expert
  • Merchandise creator
  • Website design support
  • Expedition Guide
  • Expedition Leader
  • Zodiac driving license
  • Diving License
  • Kajak experience




                  (Print and Online, nationwide,  Germany)

                  (Print and Online, statewide, Germany)


References Photography




    • Canon 5D Mark IV
    • Different lenses: 14, 16-35, 24-105, 28-70,
    • 100-400, 60-600 and others if needed
    • Stabilizer for DSLR`s: DJI Ronin S
    • Action Cam Go Pro 8 Hero black
    • DJI Pocket
    • Drones: Phantom 4 Pro Plus, DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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